Quick fix for close/minimize/maximize/ buttons being on the "wrong" side in Ubuntu

I suppose the Ubuntu developers moved these buttons on purpose.
But having grown up using Windoz I prefer my minimize/maximize buttons on the right side of the window.

Here is the two step fix:

1. Open a terminal and run the following:

gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "menu:minimize,maximize,close"

You don't need to be root to do this

Compiling cclive on Ubuntu Lucid

Earlier this summer, the version of cclive in the Ubuntu Lucid repositories stopped working for downloading videos from Youtube. Since cclive is such an amazingly useful utility, you really have no other choice but to compile an newer version of cclive from source to get it working again.

If you have the version of cclive that’s in the Meerkat repositories you probably noticed it stopped working for Youtube videos sometime around early December 2010.

Latest 64 bit Adobe Flash on linux

Above:Testing the new version of Adobe Flash on a High Def Charlie James video. It looked great!

Flash on Linux tutorials are hardly anything new, but here is a new wrinkle. About a week ago Adobe released a new version of 64 bit flash that appears to be the most reliable version yet. Up to now, I thought 64 bit flash performance was kind of dodgy, but this new version seems pretty solid.

Here is the method I used to install it:

1. I was installing on a nearly new install of Ubuntu Lucid.

Removing non-english fonts from ubuntu

By default, Ubuntu comes with a lot of non-english fonts (Japanese, Cyrillic etc.). There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but if you do all you work in english you have scroll through a bloated list useless fonts every time you want to do a font selection.

andrew@thisblog seems to have come up with a very quick fix. Uninstall them with single command:

How to edit .wmv videos on Linux using asfbin (UPDATED 12-16-09)

Thanks to a handy little command line utility called Asfbin, Linux users can edit .wmv videos without having to re-encode them. So your edited .wmv’s look every bit as good as the originals. Plus, asfbin is free and very fast at doing its work.

Getting & installing asfbin
Go to the download section of the Radioactive Pages and download the Linux AsfBin command line version. Extract the program from the zip file and place it in the /usr/bin directory.

How "Single Payer" Health Insurance works

Perhaps this is not that topical, since single payer insurance is not even one of the reform options currently being debated in Congress. What is being debated, Public Option insurance shares some of the benefits of Single Payer, but really does not go far enough in reforming how we pay for medical insurance.

A few notes about Ubuntu Karmic Koala Netbook Remix ALPHA 6

I installed the Alpha 6 build of Ubuntu Karmic Koala Netbook Remix this weekend on my Acer Aspire One netbook. Here are a few quick notes:

  • No problems installing from a USB drive, I think it took about a half hour.
  • 21 second boot time. That seems pretty good considering the number of services that start by default.
  • Sexier user interface, and nice icons.

Clive - An open source command line tool to extract videos from websites

The new video sharing websites like Youtube, Google Video have wealth information such as tutorials, but saving them to your hard drive can be a time consuming. While there are lots of tools for downloading videos from video sharing websites, clive is probably the most useful of them.

Using flickr to browse Art museum collections

Forget the museum websites. Use flickr to find your favorite pieces of art. There are a few tricks to doing this:

MMS - A (simple) media center for Linux

MMS (My Media System) is a is an open source media center application for Linux. With MMS you can playback videos, brows digital photos, listen to music, or even get the local weather report. Best of all, you can run all this with a remote control.

mms on a monitor
mms running on a 22 inch monitor